Within the Wonder of communication in general, the best of what I’ve learned and may tell anyone is… it may begin in the heart, then in the mind. Or vice versa…depending.

The desire to put forth the fullness of an idea which comes upon us can be a strong force. To share with another, or others.

Then, the vital part…once conveyed, it’s time to *listen, to allow any audience who wants to participate, to speak out and for us to realize it’s also a fine way for us to learn…in keeping the silence while being cognizant of others sharings. Each of us gets a turn, as we indeed learned in Kindergarten.

Many metaphysical minded scientists have proven how our thoughts and heartfelt ideas do literally become things. Yes, actual things. Thought energies are traveling the earthly ethers visiting someone daily and when acted upon, becoming a concrete reality!

For example… it’s the way, the only way a building or the business within it becomes such a reality… or better, best health…the way it begins, with a thought and an accompanying desire, a deep desire.
Though at times even a mere thought can create, thus, the time vintaged adage, to be careful of what we *wish for – rings true!

There are those of us with a penchant, a niche to create and share new ideas, new phrases that will build new insight. That in itself is the Wonder of all Communication…why we have such a *push to be heard, to inform and on occasion to be didactic…to teach another.

We all have, receive and give inspiration on some level – been inspired by others and/or from our own imaginings. Keeping us from falling short.

So, let’s be inspired and show our talents, our gifts with which we’re privileged to have been endowed.

Truly, we all have creative qualities, abilities… either in motion or sitting, awaiting upon our computer or mental shelf.
Let us be aware of the valued present and wonder it is to be able to speak and write our thoughts, and convey with hand and body expressions of signing, dancing, or as in the game of charades…as well as with the art of creating a fairy tale totally laced in truth via every story our divine Muse allows us, taking tiny steps behind Him…our divine Muse!!!
Let us stay aware and be ever grateful, for without it, communication, we would have no release… not only for our creativity but also for our sometimes frustrations, hurts,
psyche’ nicks and bumps.

Creatively Speaking,
w/Blessings and Huggs (( )),

DeAnne Marie DuMaine
aka D.D. Martinez
Member RWA, HBA Houston,
Author, Poet, Journalist, Short Story Mister’, Novelist of New Adult genre Inspirational Sweet Romance…also writing as
Diane D. Martinez / D. D. Martin
Dedicated to my beloved and much missed late husband,
Anthony “Tony” Martinez Jr.
09/16/1942 – 01/03/2014


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