Last of New First Starts…

Just how many times can one begin again?!
I sure can’t tell you. Why you ask.
Well, let’s just figure this out.

Consider, there’s just so many things we can do in life. And, so much time.
All starts have their endings. And, all endings – beginnings.

Where do I start?
Your guess is likely as good as mine.

Okay, then I figure let’s start with a little reorganization, rededication to a freshness in
life, rather than another new beginning.

I’ve already started even though I was kicking and screaming inside.

This blog is my newest start.
 There’s no screaming or
kicking about this. It’s my love, my passion.

I always look higher to the divine for true answers.which has told me this is my path again, to continue on this communication venture through the pen or keyboard as it’s my continual journey and one of my higher Callings.

 I welcome you as I trust you welcome me. I’m leaving this open ended for you to ponder…what’s next.

That age old question to life.
And yet we know It’s a Wonder of a Life, always with new surprises, and it’s a blessed life, as well, though only according to how we use our free will choices.  Will they be for our Divine Creator honor, or for our own earthly wants.

Until we meet next time, here.

   Blessings and Huggs (( )) to all,

   DeAnne Marie DuMaine, 

     Author, Poet, Journalist, Short Story Meister, Novelist,

Mom, Gma, Nurse, and Friend, just plain ole’ Me…never least